Canadian Global Technologies

Company History


Our Company History

Canadian Global Technologies is 15 years in IT industry, started by an aspiring enthusiast. Here is our humble beginning:

  • 2001. Building the foundations

    After taking a few computer courses and working briefly as a Computer Technician in Toronto, our founder decided to engage in entrepreneurial activity. This is where it all began.

  • 2003. First exploration: Computer Hardware

    At the outset , Canadian Global Technologies was highly focused on computer hardware. Besides computer sales, we also provided system design, upgrades and repairs locally.

  • 2009: Second Exploration: Computer Software

    As we witnessed sprawling globalization trends right here in Toronto, multinational companies inevitably wiped out smaller computer stores. We saw this coming and quickly adapted, diversified and began focusing on niche markets: Web Development/Design, and Interactive Voice Response systems.

  • 2018. Global coverage - Leading GIS / Software Consulting Company

    Today, after acquiring so much experience and skills, from computer hardware, telecommunications, software and web development our clients can be rest assured that they can expect results that exceed their expectations. We serve a niche market because of our unique provision of expert IT services.